Sunday, 15 April 2012


A warm WELCOME to those of you brave enough to view my new blog!

This blog was born out of necessity and a need to pen some of the more annoying aspects I encounter in my daily life, be it grievances with traffic delays, road conditions, weather, trucks, roadkill, or more localized events in particular. This seemed the perfect outlet to vent. Let's hope it works!

The contents of this blog represent my interpretation, thoughts, feelings and opinions of ordinary everyday things and happenings, and are not politically motivated in any way.

Feel free to jump on board this friendly gripe vine to air and share your own daily bug-bears. Let's take this journey together!



  1. I hate roadkill - seriously every time I see it breaks my heart. Worse part is that I make myself look...I can't look away. It is like I need to recognize the life that has been lost. The other day I saw a dead baby deer but in my mind I saw his/her mother standing over the baby heartbroken and a lack of understanding of what has happened to her baby. Seriously I just teared up writing this and I don't even know if this is the direction you were going when you mentioned roadkill.

    P.S. Have fun blogging and getting those frustrations out!!

    1. Hi Crystal. Thanks for dropping by and visiting my random gripe vine! I seriously know where you're coming from with the roadkill, and you're bang on the mark with the direction I was going on this subject. The late Steve Irwin (aka the Crocodile Hunter) always said that if it was safe to stop, then stop and remove the roadkill off to the side of the road. He maintained that birds of prey were more likely to be killed whilst preying on the remains of roadkill! A real Catch-22 scenario, if ever there was one. Word of caution though: always make sure YOU are safe in these situations!



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