Thursday, 6 September 2012

i just don't get it!

Do you ever get the feeling that technology is passing you by? Well for me, anyways, last night was one of those nights. Here I was, excited to be heralding my long-awaited return to the "pen", instead of which it very nearly ended with me kissing goodbye to the joys of Blogger! The evening started with me brainstorming (am I still allowed to call it that?) and navigating the language of HTML coding with my step-son, Nick. The computer boffins - or geeks - call it a language; I call it gobbledygook because frankly, it's downright impossible to read, let alone understand, for technophobics like me! In other words, totally meaningless, head-scratching stuff I'd rather not have to deal with. If this is what updating signatures is all about, then I'm all for kicking it into cyberspace! Seriously. Note to self: If something ain't broke, don't fix it! As if....haha. Come on guys, all this aggro for what? Oh blog....the very same one I'd neglected to update for five months! Coincidentally, FIVE long hours later, with the somewhat dubious aid of Skype, we were still at it, trying to embed my newbie signature into my last post! Check it out - it's still not there! It got me thinking that maybe, back in the day....April to be more accurate....I must've been some sort of genius (not!) because guess who managed to conquer the beast and get it right all by herself? Place high-five here and proceed to checkout, please. So, it begs the question of what went wrong last night? I seriously don't know. Just another mystifying trip down techno lane. The plan was to pull my little blog into the twenty-first century and make it cool - slightly achievable I felt, following close on the minor success I had earlier on at editing my new - and improved - signature on the bottom of my Welcome post. Or so I thought. Nothing is ever as it seems. When I clicked the Update button, I kept getting the oh-so-frustrating pop-up box that told me if I clicked OK, my work would be lost! That left me two options to choose from - OK or Cancel - both seriously, utterly useless choices, imho. Am I the only one who thinks the system is flawed?

Oh, I nearly forgot to ask if anyone has had a problem with changing the color of post titles?? I spent most of the day trying to figure out how I did it when I set up my blog. After much tweaking and shrieking, I conclude that this little bunny must've been a very clever bunny on the day! What do you think? Take another peek at today's title and you'll see what I mean. It's a total different shade of red from the others - except for my Welcome post title which sports the same color red as today's post. What's happening here, folks?

I'm hoping that if I shout loud enough, someone will jump right in and help me unravel the mysteries of HTML - giving me a gleam of hope for the rest of my blog. So, to all my blogging friends out there, I seriously need your help in de-mystifying this very useful tool which I don't plan on using too often - if I can help it.

Share with me your joys or woes of understanding blogger-speak.


  1. What it is Thursday already!? Just kidding! There are lots of things I don't why it took me so long to reply to your comment with the url for the stars font. But I did it tonight! Hope you enjoy it!

    1. Haha! Thursday night here, and I joke not! I'll keep a look out for the font, so thanks heaps for getting to it anyways. Hx

  2. Heather,
    I wondered where you had gone! Don't despair, your blog looks great! Why don't you just keep posting and then every so often try to change one thing at a time. I am still not happy with mine but can't figure out how some things are done. To make the colours uniform you need to go into your design template and then click advanced settings. You are then given options to change your colours for text, headings, tabs etc. the best thing is to copy and paste the Pantone code of the colour that you like, that's the number that looks like ffffffff or 5dcdstf, all gobbledygook, into each little box. Play around long enough and you will get it. You can't hurt anything, just remember each step change you make and if it doesn't look right go back and try again. Trust me, it's all trial and error. You'll get there, don't be afraid of it, you are in charge!

    Best of luck! Thanks for coming back and leaving such lovely comments!

  3. PS: you signature looks great!

  4. Di - lovely to hear from you too. And thanks so much for your kind words and vote of confidence in my limited abilities. I'm going to take your advice, tread softly-softly, breathe deeply - and give it another go. Oh the joys of blogging! :)

    Really appreciate your input and looking forward to following more lovely posts on Yonks! Hx


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